If there’s any kind of frustration for designers, it might look something like this: the self struggles with originality and has nothing else to think but doing work in the same way, same routine, and same method.

It’s a typical day in the life of a designer and who would like to experience that?
From briefings to brainstorming sessions, deadlines and what may seem like endless rounds of amendments, this has become a regular practice at work for many designers. If only they could be left with some spare time to create something wonderful from their passion, or improve on a small area in their life little by little, besides all that mundane client work.

In this first Asian design dialogue five speakers from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan respectively are going to give a talk on topics surrounding the design practice and career. It explores in-depth from the designer’s perspective on what are the fundamental points to do good design and become a creative thinker. This is the very first time a talk like this is being held at Adego Academy in Johor Bahru. The main idea of Shout Out Loud 2017 is to empower design students to push their creative limits and be inspired by design masters for a better career in the future.