Even with energy or passion, time that passes can make someone feel bored and powerless, and one will feel as though one has not moved forward. As a designer, sometimes strength is not the only focus; once your mind controls you, it will automatically makes you not to look forward to work. As a graphic designer, we often stagnate at our own area; not moving out to develop or expand beyond our sphere.

Once you break the proverbial wall, to let yourself no longer be controlled by the mind, and no longer living in that fear, only then you can cross to another area and level. The reason why we work closely with Eric is because I believe there is a breakthrough between us. We see that both of us are art lovers, and because of this crossover, we want everyone to see it is not clothing, but it is a set of artwork, which is a combination of graphic design and fashion design. From the colour selection, design elements, and the concept that we carefully designed until to the tailoring stage, like needle and thread as well as the details, you will see that the standard of work is high, and it isn’t sloppy.

Graphic Designer / Jay Lim, TSUBAKI

Fashion Designer / Eric Choong

Photography / C Y Wong

Model / Nick Soong