CUTOUT’s latest Naked issue is all about looking at different interpretations of the meaning Naked in the design sense of it, and how it is being applied as an art form or a theme to a design. The end product of the issue itself comes across as unpretentious, almost barren of all colours and yet it shines through exceptionally well in its plain coloured beige cover with die-cuts of odd-looking shapes in the middle, showing just a little bit of words coming from the inner page.

The first part of the thinking process which shapes the CUTOUT magazine cover at any one time is the theme – whether it’s a single word or a short line, the idea of the theme stems from what is thought by the CUTOUT team to be current and “hot in the design dialogue right now”.

It is noteworthy that Naked as a word can trigger different kinds of imagination in people’s heads. We speak freely of the language that binds us, and therefore we interpret it the way we think is appropriate or correct. Often, designers and artists have a different take on the subject matter as opposed to thinking or seeing just “a body without clothes on”, and their masterpieces occur to be explorative and sometimes beyond visuals, away from predisposed judgmental thoughts about what naked should represent. As you – the reader – will eventually realise upon reading the Naked issue of CUTOUT, there is a lot more to talk about being exposed to a design process, stripped bare without any inclinations of what to expect from a client, or what’s good about approaching a project like a blank sheet of paper.

Platinum winner at Muse Creative 2017
Silver winner at International Design Awards 2106/17