TEDxPenangRoad: Spectrum


It was an exciting experience being able to design the identity for such an international platform as a TEDx event. In searching for something truly inspiring and attractive that embodies TEDxPenangRoad I naturally gravitated towards the word enthusiasm. I wanted to design something that is able to show the enthusiasm and the passion that everyone involved has towards the TEDx vision.

At the same time in July last year, I met with a friend of mine, Times Pang, from Hong Kong and he introduced me to Karel Martens. He shared with me stories of how Karel managed to create experimental works on typography during a time when computers did not exist yet. It was then that I proposed to the TEDxPenangRoad team what I learnt from Karel Marten’s approach to design and they instantly liked it. The colors, design elements and typography; the key visual for TEDxPenangRoad has gone through several revisions and now appears as the iconic design that we see here.

About Karel Martens: Born in 1939, Karel is a Dutch freelance graphic designer specialised in typography. He is a design genius because during his time, graphic design was not considered a career, but he used his skills in painting, sculpture, and illustration to further his studies in experimental works. Today, he is recognised as one of the most influential practitioners in graphic design.